Ecosia tree store


What’s the Ecosia Tree Store?

It's an online store, but all you can buy is a better future.

Here's how it works: first, pick the items that are closest to your heart. You can choose between; trees for wildlife, trees for climate action, trees to empower women, trees for clean water, trees to save endangered (tree) species or the impact bundle to contribute to them all.

After completing your purchase, we'll email you a beautiful (and printable) certificate that highlights your cause and your number of trees. Whether you buy trees for yourself, your planet, or a loved one, they'll make a meaningful difference for many years to come.

When and where will my trees be planted?

How does this work as a gift for someone else?

How is the tree price determined?

Can I track my own trees?

What payment options do you accept?

Where does my money go?

How can I plant more trees?