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Restore burnt forests

This wildfire season has hit even harder than before. Let’s step up. Together we can help forests recover by planting native species in northern California and regenerating the rainforest in Australia’s Byron Bay area.

Protect trees from future fires

Restore burn scars but make it future-proof. To fend off future fires, we plant your trees in varying densities in Australia, thin vulnerable forests in California, and support firefighters in Brazil.

Take action

Choose the number of trees you want to plant and protect:
  • Your impact in Australia: help restore a burnt rainforest in the Byron Bay area. Unlike other parts of Australia, this rainforest is not supposed to burn and struggles to regenerate by itself. Our local partner, ReForest Now, plants over 100 different native species. The trees will attract rainfall, cool temperatures, clean the air, and provide much needed habitat for wildlife.

    Your impact in California: help the American Forest Foundation regenerate burnt areas, in collaboration with local landowners. In addition to planting trees, our local partner thins existing forests to prevent future fires from spreading.

    Your impact in Brazil: help firefighters directly. They put out fires set by farmers in the Atlantic Forest, usually to make space for cattle. If these fires aren’t controlled, they often end up burning nearby forests. We’ve seen over the past years that firefighting and educating farmers is a highly effective way of protecting the Atlantic Forest.

  • After you’ve completed your purchase, we’ll email you a certificate that highlights the number of trees you will plant and protect. This certificate could also make a thoughtful gift.

    Your payment will be added to our tree fund (parked at ethical banks GLS and Triodos) that will be used to plant and protect trees in the near future.

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How it works

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Choose how many trees you want to plant and protect.

Get a certificate

We’ll send you a certificate that highlights your impact.

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