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About us

With over 10 years of experience, Ecosia has become the world's leading planter of native trees.

Now, our tree store sells what you (and your friends and planet) really need. After your purchase, we email you a certificate that makes a thoughtful gift. The trees, meanwhile, will restore ecosystems and change lives. Here's how.

Our trees capture thousands of tons of CO2 every day, helping prevent dangerous levels of global heating. While they're at it, they protect wildlife, regulate the water cycle, restore nutrients to the soil, increase biodiversity, and provide local communities with forest products such as fruit and nuts.

To do this, we first had to figure out where trees are most urgently needed. That led us to focus on vulnerable biodiversity hotspots, bird migration routes, and environmental crisis zones.

Then, our tree-planting experts sought out amazing local partners who grow the trees in these areas. Once they're in the ground, we continue to work with these partners, using satellite tech and field visits, to ensure the trees survive — and not just any trees, either. We prefer biodiversity-boosting native and endangered species to imported or invasive ones. And we know that mixed forests are infinitely more beneficial than sterile monocultures. Most importantly, we only plant trees with the buy-in and support of local communities.

So, why trees? Because all that other stuff isn't making us or our planet happy. This holiday season, buy something truly meaningful: trees that restore ecosystems, protect wildlife, and uplift communities. They're the gifts that keep on giving.


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