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  • Trees in dense urban centers are one our best defenses against climate change on the local level. Due to inequitable distribution of trees in historically redlined districts across the United States, wealthier neighborhoods tend to enjoy vastly larger urban forests and their benefits, from shade cover and urban heat island reduction, to improved air quality and mental health. In Los Angeles, there’s 37% canopy cover in affluent areas, but only 10% in formerly redlined neighborhoods. Growing quality native and climate-resilient trees to remedy this inequity is urgently needed — and you can be part of that solution! Purchasing these trees will allow our local partner City Plants to support the revival of L.A.'s tree nursery and plant trees where they're needed most.

  • After you’ve completed your purchase, we’ll email you a beautiful (and printable) certificate that highlights your cause and the number of trees you bought. It makes a great gift!

    Your payment will be added to our tree fund (parked at ethical banks GLS and Triodos) that will be used to plant trees in the near future.

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