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  • The Green Game Jam is an initiative facilitated by the United Nations Environment Program. Its goal is to find creative ways to make reforestation a part of games, inspiring climate action amongst millions of players. 

    Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees, will plant the Green Game Jam saplings across its portfolio. Focussing on biodiversity hotspots and environmental crisis zones, this bundle is all about planting the right trees in the right places. That means your trees will contribute to diverse forests. You’ll plant native and endangered species. Your trees will absorb CO2, protect wildlife, increase food security, and more. As always, we’ll monitor the trees with satellite tech and field visits, and collaborate with local communities.

    This year the Green Game Jam hopes to plant and protect 1 million trees. Play a part and contribute to this goal today — a great day to help the planet!

  • After you’ve completed your purchase, we’ll email you a certificate that highlights the number of trees you will plant and protect. This certificate could also make a thoughtful gift.

    Your payment will be added to our tree fund (parked at ethical banks GLS and Triodos) that will be used to plant and protect trees in the near future.

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